Cheap Dinner Ideas: Morphy Richards Style

I was reading with interest a write up of some Morphy Richards soup makers on the Cheap Dinner Ideas website. It’s surprising just how many there are to choose from – you would think a soup maker makes soup, and that’s it. It seems that’s not the case though, with Morphy Richards alone making upwards of eight (yes eight!) different machines.

Whether there’s actually a significant reason to have so many models available is debatable. Presumably at least part of the reasoning is for such a big brand to have a lot of space on the shelves in the high street stores.

As noted by the website, soup makers are a little like glorified blenders, which is an interesting observation. If you wanted to, you could whizz up your soup in the blender, pour it into a pan and gently heat it ready to consume.

What that doesn’t really address though, is that most people who will choose to look for (and ultimately buy) a soup maker, will to so for convenience. If you’re going to make that more of a manual process, it somewhat negates the need to buy a soup maker at all.

In addition, it’s important to recognise that a soup maker is a very different beast to a soup kettle, such as those you may see in a canteen. Kettles do little more than heat or keep warm the contents, whereas we’re talking about machines with automated programmes that not only cook soup, but chop and mix them too.

A lot of the decision making process for households up and down the country will come down to the time savings offered by their purchases, and the relatively low price tag offered by the Morphy Richards range. For a home that regularly enjoys soup as a meal, that benefit will be significantly greater that for one that has an occasional meal.

It’s easy to see that the popularity is booming, and showing little sign of stopping, so we look forward to seeing more of these machines come on to the market, driving down prices as the competition hots up, and consequently prices become within reach of more homes.

Soups are generally very healthy meal options, and here at the Soup Making Guide, we hope to see more people making the most of the nutritional benefits they offer.